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Create Your Vision 

We are so excited you decided to start your Empowered journey and that we can be part of it!


To get started, we want to share with you what interests you the most and how that connects to your career vision. It is time to get clear on what inspires you and create your in-power-vision. ​ 


For this assignment you will use Canva, a creative designing tool. Once you complete your vision board, please download and upload it to your CM files page.



Your goal is to create a vision board. How will you achieve your dream regardless of what setbacks you face? What is the promise you are making to the 10-year-older you? How will you stay focused, and what steps must be taken now (before and while applying) to college to make things happen? 

On a separate Canva document, create how you envision your relationship with your parent(s). How will you maintain your relationship as you go through high school, college, and once you start working? 


Your goal is to create a vision board for yourself as a parent. Consider the type of relationship you desire to have with your child as they graduate from high school.


Also, don't forget about your own growth. What things do you picture yourself doing to continue your personal journey as your child goes off to college? 

Maya Angelou
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