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Al colaborar estrechamente con uno de nuestros expertos experimentados, obtendrás una comprensión profunda del proceso de admisión, superarás cualquier obstáculo y estarás equipado con el conocimiento y la confianza para avanzar.

Office Hours Virtual Support

USD 199


Cada mes

We are ready to guide you through the application process and more!

Real-time updates and feedback

Personalized advice tailored to student's unique needs

Information available in English and Spanish

Enhance the likelihood of successful college admissions

Support available to families anywhere in the world

Keep track of application deadlines and required documents

Designed for students, parents, and educators

Reduce the stress and complexity of the admissions process

Parent in Power Coaching

USD 125


Cada semana

Parents in Power is designed to provide parents with the essential tools, support, and guidance to navigate the challenging journey of raising teens and preparing for college admission.

Get personalized support from experts

Office hours messaging

Bi-weekly meetings to develop a plan and monitor progress

College list development and student activity guidance

Sounding board to receive perspective and guidance

Learn strategies to improve chances of admission and aid

Reduce anxiety and stress

Improve relationship with your child

Your child can participate in our meetings as well (optional

Mastermind Individual Coaching

USD 149


Cada semana

Whether you're a parent, student, or professional, our mindset coaching is a transformative process designed to take you to the next level. Discover yourself and STEP INTO YOUR POWER.

Set clear, measurable, and achievable goals

Weekly one-on-one meetings with your coach

Develop a plan, monitor progress, and get results

Access to Office Hours messaging

College and career planning guidance

Effective decision making and problem Solving

Develop resilience by reframing failures or setbacks

Empowerment to take back your life!

Essay Management Tool

USD 29


Cada mes

Access to platform designed to assist students in managing their college applications. It offers a range of features aimed at streamlining the application process .

Unlimited use of college application essay prompt database

Identify personal traits colleges are looking for

Use modules to identify the topics and stories

Create and manage to-do lists for each application

Set and achieve key milestones in the application process.

Navigate our user-friendly interface

Add-on available for brainstorming and editing services

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