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The short answer is "NO".

Defining a "perfect" admission applicant is unrealistic and will only set you up for failure. American colleges and universities use different admission criteria, have their respective institutional priorities, and are in different student (applicant) markets.

Don't get trapped in the "idealism" because it will only make you more anxious and you will end up self-sabotaging your or child's application process.

On the bright side, there are personality traits you can tap into to rock your or your child's college application. Consider the following traits:

  1. Consistent and diligent: students who demonstrates these traits consistently achieve high grades or academic honors, display motivation, and discipline in learning, and demonstrating a strong work ethic. This is typically reflected on the student's grades, test scores, and student activities that demonstrate love of learning.

  2. Autonomous and self-directed: students who possess an exceptional intellect, strategic thinking skills, and a keen ability to analyze complex situations. Many are often visionary and can envision long-term goals and develop strategic plans to achieve them. More importantly, they are resourceful and adaptable, able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and come up with effective solutions, these may include internships, research projects, volunteer work, leadership positions, or other activities.

  3. Confidence: students with a high degree of creativity often have a distinct style or approach to their work or expression, which sets them apart from others. They are not afraid to break conventional norms or think outside the box, and they are willing to take risks to bring out their strengths in the application process.

  4. Relationship-oriented: students who are skilled at networking tend to be relationship-oriented. They genuinely value connections they make with teachers, community members, mentors, or trusting adult. Many students organically invest time and effort in nurturing and maintaining relationships, this is particularly important when they ask for teacher evaluations or additional support during application season.

Overall, a strong admission applicant is someone who is well-rounded, intellectually curious, and passionate about learning and making a positive impact wherever they are and with the resources available.


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